Competition Archive – 2021/2022

Winter Eclectic 2 Results: –

2023-03-23 WE2/WK11 Final Aggregate Gross Scores

2023-03-23 WE2/WK11 Final Aggregate Nett Scores

Winter Eclectic 2 Winners

Men’s Prizewinners 2022

Winter Eclectic 1 Results

2022-12-22 WE1/WK7 Final Aggregate Gross Scores

2022-12-22 WE1/WK7 Final Aggregate Nett Scores

Winter Eclectic I Winners

Club Season 2022 Competition Reports

Autumn Season 2022 - Mens and Seniors Fixtures, Draws & Results
NOV 2022
Wednesday02/11/2022Seniors - Stableford1562 &
2022-11-02 Seniors Stableford Result
Saturday - Thursday05-10/11/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 115622022-11-05 WE1 Week 1 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-11-10 WE1 Week 1 Gross Eclectic Scores
2022-11-10 WE1 Week 1 Nett Eclectic Scores
Wednesday 09/11/2022Seniors - Tri-Am
2022-11-09 Seniors Tri-am & Stableford Result
Saturday - Thursday12-17/11/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 215622022-11-12 WE1 Week 2 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-11-19 WE1 Week 2 Gross Eclectic Scores
2022-11-19 WE1 Week 2 Nett Eclectic Scores
Wednesday16/11/2022Seniors - Texas Scramble1562
2022-11-16 Seniors Texas Scramble & Stableford Result
Friday18/11/2022Seniors V. Aboyne Snowbirds1562Match Postponed
Saturday - Thursday19-24/11/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 315622022-11-19 WE1 Week 3 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-11-24 WE1 Week 3 Gross Scores
2022-11-24 WE1 Week 3 Nett Scores
Wednesday23/11/2022Seniors - Stableford1562 &
2022-11-23 Seniors Stableford Result
Saturday - Thursday26/11 - 01/12/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 415622022-11-26 WE1 Week 4 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-12-01 WE1 Week 4 Gross Scores
2022-12-01 WE1 Week 4 Nett Scores
Wednesday30/11/2022Seniors - Greensomes1562 &
1562 Greensomes Results: -
Julian MacLean and George Mitchell 60.4
Ray Wilkie and Duncan McNaught 61.8
Ian Stuart and Willie McKenzie 62.2
Broomfield Stableford Results:
Ron Aitken 42 pts.
Jim Benzie 39 pts
DEC 2022
Friday02/12/2022Seniors V. Aboyne Snowbirds15622022-12-02 Snowbird.Draw
Result = RMMGC 5-1/2 Aboyne 1-1/2
Saturday - Thursday03-08/12/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 515622022-12-03 WE1 Week 5 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-12-08 WE1 Week 5 Gross Scores
2022-12-08 WE1 Week 5 Nett Scores
Wednesday07/12/2022Seniors - Texas ScrambleBroomfield
(1562 unavailable)
2022-12-07 Seniors Texas Scramble Result
Saturday - Thursday10-15/12/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 615622022-12-10 WE1 Week 6 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-12-15 WE1 Week 6 Nett Scores
2022-12-15 WE1 Week 6 Gross Scores
Wenesday14/12/2022Seniors - Stableford1562 &
2022-12-14 Stableford Draw
Saturday - Thursday17-22/12/2022Winter Eclectic 1 - Wk 715622022-12-17 WE1 Week 7 Sweep Nett Scores
2022-12-22 WE1 Week 7 Gross Scores
2022-12-22 WE1 Week 7 Nett Scores
Wednesday21/12/2022Seniors Stableford1562The winner was Graeme Hart with 46 points and second was Allan Shepherd with 43 points.

Club Fixtures & Results, Summer 2022

Thursday10thLadies Opening Meeting - 3pm1562 / BroomfieldFor information only
Tuesday15thLadies & Senior Men match - 9.32am – 11.30amBroomfieldFor information only
Tuesday22ndLadies Captain V. Vice-captain 1pm – 2.30pm
BroomfieldFor information only
Thursday24thRMMGC Seniors V's Arbroath
(10.45 for 11.24 tee)
1562RMMGC 4 Arbroath 2
Sunday27thMen's Captain V's Vice Captain1562 / Broomfield For information only
Monday28thBroomfield SweepBroomfield2022-03-28 Broomfield Medal Results
Tuesday29thLadies Stableford Tankard1562 / Broomfield2022-03-29 Stableford Tankard - BF
2022-03-29 Stableford Tankard - 1562
Wednesday30thWednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
Wednesday Sweep - White Tees
15622022-03-30 Yellow Tee Results
2022-03-30 White Tee Results
Thursday31stLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2202-03-31 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday1stRMMGC Seniors V's Downfield1562Match postponed
Saturday2ndBeaton Rosebowl15622022-04-02 Beaton Rosebowl Sweep Winners
2022-04-02 Beaton Rosebowl Results
Monday4thBroomfield April MedalBroomfield2022-04-04 Broomfield Medal Results
Tuesday5thLadies SGW Medal (1) / Gold Bracelet R1 1562No Competition
5thLadies Northesk Trophy Stableford R1BroomfieldNo Competition
Wednesday6thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622202-04-06 White Tee Results
2202-04-06 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday7thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfieldNo competition
Saturday9thSpring Shield15622022-04-09 Spring Shield Results
11thRMMGC Seniors V's Downfield1562Match cancelled
Tuesday12thRMMGC Seniors V's Royal Aberdeen Seniors1562RMMGC 5-1/2 Royal Aberdeen 2-1/2
12thLadies North Links Rosebowl Stableford15622022-04-12 North Links Rosebowl - 1562
12thLadies Stone Bracelet R1Broomfield2022-04-12 Stone Bracelet R1 - BF
Wednesday13thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
2022-04-13 White Tee Result
2022-04-13 Yellow Tee Result
Thursday14thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2202-04-14 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday15thRMMGC Seniors V's Aboyne1562RMMGC 1 Aboyne 7
Saturday16thBicentenary Trophy15622202-04-16 Bicentenary Trophy Results
Sunday17thRMMGC Spring Open Mixed Greensomes1562Spring Open Mixed Greensomes Results
Monday18thBroomfield StablefordBroomfieldNo competition
Tuesday19thLadies Brown Trophy R1Broomfield2202-04-19 Brown Trophy R1 - BF
Wednesday20thMGLL Sweep & Wednesday Yellow Tee Sweep1562No competition
20thLeven V's RMMGC SeniorsLevenLeven 7 RMMGC 1
Thursday21stLadies Stableford Vase R1 (No times on Tues 19th)15622022-04-21 Stableford Vase R1 - 1562
21stLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2202-04-21 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday23rdMiller Cup15622022-04-23 Miller Cup Result
Sunday24thMixed Texas Scramble 12pm -2pm
BroomfieldFor information only
Monday25thRMMGC Seniors v's Forfar1562RMMGC 4 Forfar 4
25thLadies Golf Foundation Brooch15622022-04-25 Golf Foundation - 1562
26thLadies Golf Foundation BroochBroomfield2022-04-26 Golf Foundation - BF
Wednesday27thWednesday Sweep - White Tee
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tee
15622022-04-27 White Tee Results
2022-04-27 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday28thLadie Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-04-28 Ailsa Quaich - BF
28thRMMGC Seniors V's Brechin1562RMMGC 4 Brechin 2
Saturday30thMiami / Lindsay Qualifier15622022-04-30 Miami/Lindsay Scratch Results
2022-04-30 Miami/Lindsay Handicap Results
Monday2ndBroomfield May Medal15622022-05-02 Broomfield Medal Results
Tuesday3rdLadies Stableford Vase R215622022-05-03 Stableford Vase R2 - 1562
3rdLadies Stableford Trophy R1Broomfield2022-05-03 Stableford Trophy R1 - BF
Wednesday4thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-05-04 White Tee Results
2022-05-04 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday5thBallumbie V's RMMGC SeniorsBallumbieBallumbie 5 1/2 RMMGC 1/2
5thLadies Coronation Foursomes 10.04am – 11am 1562For information only
5thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-05-05 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday6thRMMGC Men's Senior open +551562Senior Open Results
Saturday7thMay Day Cup15622022-05-07 May Day Cup Results
Monday9thRMMGC Ladies V. Edzell 1.30pm – 1.56pm1562Postponed to 05/09/22 due to inclement weather.
9thRMMGC V. Downfield1562RMMGC 3 Downfield 5
9thJunior Flag CompetitionFor information only
Tuesday10thLadies SGW Medal 2 / Gold Bracelet R1 / MGLL Spring Tournament15622202-05-10 SGW Medal (2) : Gold Bracelet R1 - 1562
10thLadies Stone Bracelet R2Broomfield2022-05-10 Stone Bracelet R2 - BF
Wednesday11thWednesday Sweep - White Tees:
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees:
15622022-05-11 White Tee Results
2022-05-11 Yellow Tee Results
11thJunior Flag CompetitionFor information only
Thursday12thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-05-12 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday13thDalhousie Carnoustie V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayDalhousie 3 RMMGC 3
13thLadies Coronation Foursomes, 1.30 - 1.56 pm1562
Saturday14thClub Championship RD 115622022-05-14 Club Champ Rd 1 Results
Sunday15thInterclub: RMMGC v's St Andrews (24 players)1562RMMGC 6 St Andrews 5
Tuesday17thLadies Stableford Vase R315622022-05-17 Stableford Vase R3 - 1562
17thLadies Brown Trophy Stableford R2Broomfield2022-05-17 Brown Trophy R2 - BF
Wednesday18thTony Sutton Senior's Trophy R115622022-05-18 Tony Sutton R1 Results
Thursday19thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-05-19 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday21stClub Championship RD 215622022-05-21 Club Champ Rd 2 Results
21stTony Rance Senior's TrophyBroomfield2022-05-21 Tony Rance Trophy Nett Scores
2022-05-21 Tony Rance Trophy Gross Scores
Sunday22ndMixed Texas Scramble 1pm - 2.30pmBroomfieldFor information only
Tuesday24thKirriemuir V's RMMGC SeniorsKirriemuirKirrie 7 RMMGC 1
24thLadies Dickson Fletcher Stableford R115622022-05-24 Dickson-Fletcher R1 - 1562 (Results)
24thLadies Grant Medal R1 / Stone Bracelet R3Broomfield2022-05-24 Grant Medal R1:Stone Bracelet R3 - BF (Results)
Wednesday25thWednesday Sweep - White Tees:
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees:
15622022-05-25 White Tee Results
2022-05-25 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday26thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-05-26 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday27thRMMGC Seniors V's Balbirnie (Caledonia League)1562RMMGC 5 Balbirnie 1
Saturday28thIola Trophy15622022-05-28 Iola Trophy Results
Sunday29thBert Lebihan Trophy +55BroomfieldPostponed
Tuesday31stLadies SGW Medal (3) / Iola R115622022-05-31 SGW Medal (3) : Iola R1 - 1562
31stLadies Stableford Trophy R2Broomfield2022-05-31 Stableford Trophy R2 - BF
Wednesday1stWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-06-01 White Tee Results
2022-06-01 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday2ndLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-06-02 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Thursday2ndRMMGC Seniors V's Blairgowrie (Caledonia League)1562RMMGC 4-1/2 Blairgowrie 1-1/2
Saturday4thProvost Johnson15622022-06-04 Provost Johnston Result
Sunday5thWW Coull Mixed Foursomes, 12.00 - 2.00pmBroomfield2022 WW COULL MIXED FOURSOMES RESULT
Monday6thBroomfield June MedalBroomfield2022-06-06 Broomfield Medal Results
Tuesday7thLadies Dickson Fletcher Stableford R215622022-06-07 Dickson-Fletcher R2 - 1562
7thLadies Northesk Trophy Stableford R2Broomfield2022-06-07 Northesk Trophy R2 - BF
7thRMMGC V's King James (Caledonia League)1562RMMGC 3-1/2 King James 2-1/2
Wednesday8thWednesday Sweep -White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-06-08 White Tee Results
2022-06-08 Yellow Tee Results
8thTony Sutton Trophy R215622022-06-08 Tony Sutton Eclectic Results
2022-06-08 Tony Sutton R2 Results
Thursday9thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-06-09 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday10thLadies Open Greensomes 10am – 2pm
15622022-06-10 Ladies Open Greensomes Results
Saturday11thMechanics Cup (Gross):
RNLI Spoon (Nett):
15622022-06-11 Mechanics Cup Gross Scores
2022-06-11 RNLI Spoon Nett Scores
11thTony Rance Trophy R2Broomfield2022-06-11 Tony Rance R2 Gross Scores
2022-06-11 Tony Rance R2 Nett Scores
Monday13thForfar V's RMMGC Seniors (Caledonia League)ForfarForfar 5 RMMGC 1
13thBrechin V RMMGC Ladies, 1.30pmBrechinBrechin 2-1/2 RMMGC 1-1/2
Tuesday14thLadies Bicentenary Trophy Foursomes1562Winners: Sharon Young and Betty Cole - net 72
14thLadies Bicentenary Trophy FoursomesBroomfieldWinners: Moyra Mills and Margaret Fotheringham - net 67
Wednesday15thMGLL Sweep & Wednesday Yellow Tee Sweepy1562For information only
Thursday16thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-06-16 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday17thRMMGC Seniors V's Strathmore1562RMMGC 4-1/2 Strathmore 1-1/2
Saturday18thClub Gala Day1562 / Broomfield 2022 Annual Gala Day Results
Sunday19thInterclub RMMGC v's Royal Duffhouse1562Match Cancelled
Monday20thAboyne V's RMMGC SeniorsAboyneAboyne 3-1/2 RMMGC 4-1/2
20thBroomfield StablefordBroomfield2022-06-20 Broomfield June Stableford Results
20thJunior StablefordFor information only
Tuesday21stLadies SGW Medal (4) / Gold Bracelet R2 15622022-06-21 SGW Medal (4) : Gold Bracelet R2 - 1562
21stLadies Brown Trophy Stableford R3Broomfield2022-06-21 Brown Trophy R3 - BF
Wednesday22ndWednesday Sweep - White Tees:
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-06-22 White Tee Results
2022-06-22 Yellow Tee Results
22ndJunior StablefordFor information only
Thursday23rdLadies Daily Mail Foursomes 10.44am – 11.16am 15621st (Net 72) - Hazel Howatson & Ruth Clark.
2nd (Net 75.5) - Joan Hulse & Edna Wallwork
23rdLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-06-23 Ailsa Quaich - BF
23rdBalbirnie V's RMMGC Seniors (Caledonia League)BalbirnieBalbirnie 4 RMMGC 2
Saturday25thDunnet Medal15622022-06-25 Dunnet Medal Results
Sunday26thEdzell Medal (Best Scratch) 50+
Seniors Championship (Handicap) 50+
15622022-06-26 Edzell Medal (50+) Scratch Scores
2022-06-26 Senior Championship (50+) Net Scores
26thMcDonald Texas Scramble
12.30pm – 2.00pm
BroomfieldWinning Team:Edna Wallwork, Joan Hulse, Joan Middleton and Ruth Clark.
Monday27thBanchory V's RMMGC SeniorsBanchoryBanchory 4, RMMGC 4
Tuesday28thLadies Palmerston Cup Stableford15622022-06-28 Palmerston Cup - 1562
28thLadies Northesk Trophy Stableford R3Broomfield2022-06-28 Northesk R3 - BF
Wednesday29thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-06-29 White Tee Results
2022-06-29 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday30thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-06-30 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday1stRMMGC Ladies V Forfar 1.30pm-1.56pm1562 / BroomfieldForfar won 3. and 1
Saturday2ndFrank Robb Salver15622022-07-02 Frank Robb Salver Results
Sunday3rdRMMGC Men's Open15622022-07-03 Gents Open Winners
Monday4thBroomfield July MedalBroomfield2022-07-04 Broomfield July Medal Results
4thJunior July MedalFor information onl
Tuesday5thLadies SGW Medal (5) / Iola R215622022-07-05 SGW Medal (5)/Iola R2 - 1562
5thLadies Stone Bracelet R4 / Grant Medal R2Broomfield2022-07-05 Stone Bracelet R4/Grant Medal R2- BF
Wednesday6thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-07-06 White Tee Results
2022-07-06 Yellow Tee Results
6thJunior July MedalFor information onl
Thursday7thRMMGC V's Murrayshall (Caledonia League)1562RMMGC 5-1/2 Murrayshall 1/2
Ladies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-07-07 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday9thJim Webster Memorial Shield15622022-07-09 Jim Webster Memorial Shield Results
Sunday10thFenton Coull Memorial Am/Am (1pm-2.28pm)BroomfieldWinners: Christine Rothnie, Kevin Rothnie, Mary Faulkner
and Harry Faulkner with a score of 128.
Runners-up: Lynn Coull, Doreen Leask, Brian Leask
and Steven Gordon with a score of 131
Monday11thRMMGC Seniors V's Forfar (Caledonia League)1562RMMGC 4-1/2 Forfar 1-1/2
Tuesday12thLadies Violet’s Stableford R115622022-07-12 Violet's Stableford R1 - 1562
12thLadies Brown Trophy Stableford R4Broomfield2022-07-12 Brown Trophy R4 - BF
Wednesday13thWednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees15622022-07-13 Yellow Tee Sweep Results
Thursday14thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-07-14 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday16thBrent C Trophy15622022-07-16 Brent C Trophy Results
16thTony Rance Senior's Trophy. R3Broomfield2022-07-16 Tony Rance Trophy R3 Results
Monday18thBroomfield Stableford MedalBroomfield2022-07-18 Broomfield July Stableford Medal Results
18thJunior StablefordFor information only
Tuesday19thLadies SGW Medal 7 / Iola R315622022-07-19 SGW Medal (6) / Iola Rd3 - 1562
19thLadies Stableford Trophy R3Broomfield2022-07-19 Stableford Trophy R3 - BF
19thInterclub: Royal Perth GC v's RMMGC 12 man teamPerthRMMGC 4 RPGC 2
Wednesday20thMGLL Sweep1562For information only
20thTony Sutton Trophy R315622022-07-20 Tony Sutton R3 Results
Thursday21stEdzell V's RMMGC SeniorsEdzellCancelled
21stLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-07-21 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday23rdGordon Trophy15622022-07-23 Gordon Trophy Results
Sunday24thMGLL US Masters Texas Scramble1562For Information Only
Monday25thForfar V's RMMGC SeniorsForfarFORFAR 4 RMMGC 4
Tuesday26thLadies Dickson Fletcher Stableford R31562
2022-07-26 Dickson Fletcher R3 - 1562
26thLadies Jean Johnston Trophy StablefordBroomfield2022-07-26 Jean Johnston Trophy - BF
Wednesday27thWednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees:
Wednesday Sweep - White Tees:
15622022-07-27 Yellow Tee Results
2022-07-27 White Tee Results
Thursday28thBrechin v RMMGC SeniorsAwayBRECHIN 3-1/2 RMMGC 2-1/2
28thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-07-28 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday30thTom Long Salver15622022-07-30 Tom Long Salver Results
Monday1stStrathmore V. RMMGC SeniorsStrathmoreSTRATHMORE 4-1/2 RMMGC 1-1/2
1stMGLL Open - Various events Monday 1st - Friday 4th1562 / Broomfield For information only
1stMGLL Junior Open - Various events Monday 1st - Friday 4thBroomfieldFor information only
Tuesday2ndLadies SGW Medal 7 / Iola R415622022-08-02 SGW Medal 7 : Iola R4
2ndLadies Grant Medal R3Broomfield2022-08-02 Grant Medal R3 - BF
Wednesday3rdTony Sutton Trophy R415622022-08-03 Tony Sutton R4 Results
Thursday 4thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-08-04 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday5thOpen Am-Am Team Tournament15622022 Am:Am Results
Saturday6thMargaret Stewart Cup15622022-08-06 Margaret Stewart Cup Results
Sunday7thRMMGC V.s Dalhousie Carnoustie
(Dalmuremont Trophy
1562RMMGC WON -21 pts DALHOUSIE -36 pts
Monday8thJunior August MedalFor information only
8thKing James V's RMMGC Seniors (Caledonia League)King James, PerthKing James 5, RMMGC 1
Tuesday9thLadies Northesk Trophy Stableford R4Broomfield2022-08-09 Northesk Trophy R4 - BF
Wednesday10thWednesday Sweep - White Tees:
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees:
15622022-08-10 White Tee Results
2022-08-10 Yellow Tee Results
10thLadies Putting Competition 2.30pmPutting GreenAnne Reoch won the putting competition with a score of 68.
10thJunior August MedalFor information only
Thursday11thRMMGC Seniors V's Ballumbie1562RMMGC 4, BALLUMBIE 2
11thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-08-11 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday12thCaledonia Ladies V RMMGC Ladies – 3.00pm BroomfieldMatch drawn
Saturday13thEd Cobb (Gross)
Ogilvie Punchbowl (Nett)
15622022-08-13 Edd Cobb (Gross) Results
2022-08-13 Ogilvie Punchbowl (Nett) Results
13thTony Rance Senior's Trophy. R4Broomfield2022-08-13 Tony Rance R4 Results
13thLadies Liz West 2 ball Foursomes
1pm – 2.28pm
Broomfield) Winners; Virginia Jamieson and Carol Smith with a score of 58.5
Sunday14thRMMGC FINALS DAY15622022-08-14 Club Finals Day Results
Monday15thBroomfield Medal StablefordBroomfield2022-08-15 Broomfield Medal Results
15thRMMGC Seniors V's Kirriemuir1562RMMGC 3-1/2, KIRRIEMUIR 4-1/2
15thSenior/Junior Florida ScrambleFor information only
Tuesday16thLadies Violet’s Stableford R215622022-08-16 Violet's Stableford - 1562
16thLadies Stone Bracelet R5Broomfield2022-08-16 Stone Bracelet R5 - BF
Wednesday17thMGLL Sweep & Wednesday Yellow Tee Sweep1562For information only
17thSenior/Junior Florida ScrambleFor information only
Thursday18thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-08-18 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday19thRMMGC Seniors V's Banchory1562RMMGC 5-1/2, Banchory 2-1/2
Saturday20thMontrose FC Shield15622022-08-20 Montrose FC Shield Results
Sunday21stInterclub: RMMGC v's Ladybank GC1562RMMGC 4, Ladybank 2
21stMixed Texas Scramble 12pm – 2pmBroomfieldFor information only
Monday22ndBlairgowrie V's RMMGC (Caledonia League)BlairgowrieBlairgowrie 4, RMMGC 2
22ndJunior StablefordFor information only
Tuesday23rdLadies SGW Medal (8) / Iola R515622022-08-23 SGW Medal (8) : Iola R5
23rdLadies Brown Trophy Stableford R5Broomfield2022-08-23 Brown Trophy R5
Wednesday24thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-08-24 White Tee Results
2022-08-24 Yellow Tee Results
24thTony Sutton Trophy R515622022-08-24 Tony Sutton Results
24thJunior StablefordFor information only
Thursday25thArbroath V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayArbroath 4-1/2 RMMGC 1-1/2
25thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-08-25 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Friday26thAdana's Day Open Charity Am-Am Team Tournament15622022 ADANA'S DAY WINNERS
Saturday27thLesselles Medal15622022-08-27 Lessells Results
Sunday28thRMMGC Autumn Mixed Greensomes15622022-08-28 Autumn Mixed Greensomes Results
Tuesday30thLadies Patrick Dickson Medal Stableford15622022-08-30 Patrick Dickson Medal - 1562
30thLadies Northesk Trophy Stableford R5Broomfield2022-08-30 Northesk R5 - BF
30thMurrayshall V's RMMGC Seniors (Caledonia League)MurrayshallMurrayshall 4, RMMGC 2
Wednesday31stWednesday Sweep - White Tee
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-08-31 White Tee Results
2022-08-31 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday1stLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-09-01 Ailsa Quaich - BF
1stRMMGC Seniors V's Carnoustie GC1562RMMGC 5, Carnoustie 1
Friday2ndPast Captains Trophy, 12.30 – 2.30pm15622022-09-02 Past Captains Trophies Results
Saturday3rdBill Tulloch Trophy15622022-09-03 Bill Tulloch Trophy Results
Sunday4thInterclub: RMMGC v. Royal Musselburgh GCPrestonpans, East LothianMatch Cancelled
Monday5thJunior September MedalFor information only
5thRMMGC Ladies V. Edzell 1.30 – 1.56pm1562RMMGC Ladies 2-1/2, Edzell Ladies 1-1/2
Tuesday6thLadies Captain’s Prize 12.00 – 2.00pm1562 / BroomfieldWinner: Sharon Young
Wednesday7thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-09-07 White Tee Results
2022-09-07 Yellow Tee Results
7thJunior September MedalFor information only
Thursday8thDownfield V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayDownfield 5-1/2, RMMGC 2-1/2
8thLadies SGW Medal (8) / Iola R5 1562No available times on Tuesday 6th due to MGLL Gents Open
8thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-09-08 Ailsa Quaich - BF
Saturday10thTaylor Trophy15622022-09-10 Taylor Trophy Results
Tony Rance Senior's Trophy. R5Broomfield2022-09-10 Tony Rance R5 Results
Sunday11thMGLL Finals Day1562 / BroomfieldFor information only
Monday12thMechserve GreensomesFor information only
12thRMMGC Seniors V's Leven1562RMMGC 5, Leven 3
Tuesday13thBroomfield Ladies Rosebowl StablefordBroomfield2022-09-13 Ladies Rosebowl - BF
13thLadies Violets Stableford R315622022-09-13 Violet's Stableford R3 - 1562
Wednesday14thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-09-14 White Tee Results
2022-09-14 Yellow Tee Results.
14thTony Sutton Trophy R615622022-09-14 Tony Sutton R6 Results
Thursday15thIan Sharp Memorial Mixed Texas ScrambleBroomfield, from 1pmThere was a very good turn out and the scores
were extremely close,
winners by 1 were Joe McGill, Linda McGill, Stephen McGill and Janice Harrison with a fabulous score of 48.
Friday16thCarnoustie Caledonia V RMMGC LadiesCarnoustieRMMGC 4 Carnoustie 0
Saturday17thCaptains Prize15622022-09-17 Captain's Prize Results
17thTony Sutton Trophy Final1562Winner: Frank Cuninghame 74-14 = 60
R/U: Jim Calder 76-14 = 62
2022-09-17 Tony Sutton Eclectic - Final Results
17thTony Rance Trophy FinalBroomfieldWnner: Kevin Rothnie 40+34-10 = 64
R/U: Jim Calder 40+40-16 = 64
Tony Rance Seniors Broomfield Competition
19thJunior StablefordFor information only
Tuesday20thLadies Charity Stableford 12.00pm – 2.00pmLadies BroomfieldWinner: Edna Wallwork 45 pts
21stJunior StablefordFor information only
Saturday24thMillenium Trophy15622022-09-24 Millenium Trophy Results
Sunday25thPanmure V's RMMGC (Dalmuremont Trophy)PanmurePanmure 3-1/2, RMMGC 1-1/2
Tuesday27thNorthesk Trophy Stableford R6Broomfield2022-09-27 Northesk Trophy R6 - BF
27thLadies Dickson Fletcher Stableford R415622022-09-27 Dickson Fletcher R4 - 1562
Wednesday28thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-09-28 White Tee Results
2022-09-28 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday29thLadies Ailsa QuaichBroomfield2022-09-29 Ailsa Quaich - BF
29thLadies Medal Winners Play Off 10.00- 11.00am1562Winner: Edna McGurk
Saturday1stGraham Paton Memorial Trophy15622022-10-01 Graham Paton Memorial Trophy Results
Tuesday4thLadies Brown Trophy Stableford R6BroomfieldCompetition Abandoned
4thLadies Stableford Vase R415622022-10-04 Stableford Vase R4
Wednesday5thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
1562White Tee Comp abandoned
2022-10-05 Yellow Tee Results
Saturday8th150th Anniversary Cup15622022-10-08 150th Anniversary Results
Sunday9thRMMGC vs. Blairgowrie (Inter-club match)1562RMMGC 4-1/2, Blairgowrie 1-1/2
Tuesday11thCharlie Cameron Trophy Mixed, 9.32am – 11am
BroomfieldWinning Team: -
Brian McKay, Rob Carnegie, Virginia Jamieson and Phyllis Benzie with a score of 52.
Wednesday12thWednesday Sweep - White Tees
Wednesday Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622022-10-12 White Tee Results
2022-10-12 Yellow Tee Results
12thSeniors Stableford15622022-10-12 Seniors Draw
2022-10-12 Seniors Stableford Results
Saturday15thStableford Cup15622022-10-15 Stableford Cup Results
Monday17thBroomfield StablefordBroomfieldCompetition cancelled
Tuesday18th Ladies Stableford Waltz, 12.00pm-1.24pmBroomfieldCompetition cancelled
Wednesday19thMGLL Sweep & Wednesday Yellow Tee Sweep1562For information only
19thSeniors Stableford1562
2022-10-19 Seniors Draw
2022-10-19 Seniors Stableford Results
Saturday22ndRangoon Cup15622022-10-22 Rangoon Cup Results
Tuesday25thLadies Magic Ball, 12.00pm – 1.24pmBroomfieldCompetition cancelled
Wednesday26thWednesday Sweep - White Tees15622022-10-26 White Tee Sweep
26thSeniors Florida Scramble15622022-10-26 Seniors Florida Scramble Draw
Results: -
1562 Course
1st - Brian Ritchie, Brian McKay, Adrian Robinson, Ian Stuart - 54.2
2nd Dave Henderson, Duncan McNaught, Kevin Rothnie, James Sharp - 54.6
Friday28thRMMGC Ladies PrizegivingClubhouse
Saturday29thTom Coulter Cup15622022-10-29 Tom Coulter Cup Results
Sunday30thOriginal Gold Medal - 202215622022-10-30 Original Gold Medal Results

Original Gold Medal Winner 2022; Graham Bowman
Friday11thRMMGC Prize Giving & DinnerClubhouse2022 Men's Presentation Dinner

Club Fixtures and Results - Winter Season 2021/22

JAN 2022
Wednesday5/1/2022Senior's Scotch Foursomes1562 / Broomfield2022-01-05 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-01-05 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday8-13/1/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 11562WE2 Week 1 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 1 Nett Results
WE2 Week 1 Gross Results
Wednesday12/1/2022Senior's Stableford1562 / Broomfield2022-01-12 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-01-12 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday15-20/1/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 21562WE2 Week 2 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 2 Nett Results
WE2 Week 2 Gross Results
Wednesday19/1/2022Senior's Tri-Am1562 / Broomfield2022-01-19 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-01-19 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday22-27/1/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 31562WE2 Week 3 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 3 Nett Scores
WE2 Week 3 Gross Scores
Wednesday26/1/2022Senior's Golden Balls1562 / Broomfield2022-01-26 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-01-26 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday29/1-3/2/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 41562WE2 Week 4 Nett Results
WE2 Week 4 Gross Results
FEB 2022
Wednesday2/2/2022Senior's Bogey Competition 1562 / Broomfield2022-02-02 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday5-10/2/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 51562WE2 Week 5 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 5 Nett Results
WE2 Week 5 Gross Results
Wednesday9/2/2022Senior's Tri-Score PairsBroomfield2022-02-09 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-02-10 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday12-17/2/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 61562WE2 Week 6 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 6 Nett Results
WE2 Week 6 Gross Results
Wednesday16/2/2022Senior's George Coull Trophy - Stableford 1562 / Broomfield2022-02-16 Wednesday Seniors Draw
2022-02-16 Winter Seniors Results
Saturday - Thursday19-24/2/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 71562WE2 Week 7 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 7 Nett Results
WE2 Week 7 Gross Results
Wednesday23/2/2022Senior's 4-Ball Better Ball1562 / Broomfield2022-02-23 Wednesday Seniors Draw
Saturday - Thursday26/2-3/3/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 81562WE2 Week 8 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 8 Nett Results
WE2 Week 8 Gross Results
MAR 2022
Wednesday02/03/2022Senior's Four Ball Better Ball1562 / Broomfield2022-03-02 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-03-02 Winter Seniors Results
Friday04/03/2022Snowbird 2, (RMMGC v Aboyne)15622022-03-04 Snowbird Draw
Saturday05-10/03/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 91562WE2 Week 9 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 9 Nett Results
WE2 Week 9 Gross Results
Wednesday09/03/2022Senior's Greensomes1562 / Broomfield2022-03-09 Winter Seniors Draw
2022-03-09 Winter Seniors Results
Friday11/03/2022Snowbird 3, (RMMGC v Aboyne)15622022-03-11 Snowbird Draw
Tuesday15/03/2022Ladies & Senior Gents Texas ScrambleBroomfieldLadies / Seniors Texas Scramble, Draw info
Wednesday16/03/2022Senior's 13-Hole Competition15622202-03-16 Winter Seniors Draw
2202-03-16 Winter Seniorn Results
Saturday - Thursday12-17/3/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 101562WE2 Week 10 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 10 Nett Results
WE2 Week 10 Gross Results
Saturday - Thursday19-24/3/2022Winter Eclectic 2 - Wk 111562WE2 Week 11 Saturday Sweep Results
WE2 Week 11 Nett Results
WE2 Week 11 Gross Results

Men’s Winter 2021 Competition Reports

Men’s Summer 2021 Competition Reports



2022 Caledonia League – Div A Final Results/Positions 

Tony Sutton Trophy

For 2022, this was a 6-Round Stableford Eclectic played over the 1562 Course off the Blue Tees, commencing on Wednesday 18th May.

2022-09-17 Tony Sutton Eclectic – Final Results


Tony Rance Trophy

For 2022, this trophy was played as an ‘order of merit’ competition comprising five medals on the Broomie on one Saturday each month, commencing Saturday 21st May.
(Medal Play from White Tees, Current Handicaps).

Entry and Results for both of these competitions will be via the clubhouse computer.

2022-09-17 Tony Rance Final Results


Summer Season Matches

The Royal Montrose Mercantile Senior’s section play nearly forty matches on a home and away basis against other clubs in Angus, Aberdeenshire, Perth and Fife.
Half of these matches are friendly matches for the over 60’s, the remainder are competitive matches in the Caledonian League.

All HOME matches are played on the 1562 Championship course. 

Ladies ClubV1 Competition Reports

2021 Season

Ladies Prizewinners 2021 Combined Prize List

2020 Season

Ladies Prizewinners 2020 Combined Prize List

Click Here to go to Junior Prizegiving 2021 – Information & Photographs

Angus Junior Team Competition – 2021

Teams from BALLUMBIE, MONIFIETH, CARNOUSTIE CALEY, CARNOUSTIE CRAWS, DOWNFIELD and ROYAL MONTROSE MERCANTILE competed in the Angus County Junior Team Competition over the Monifieth Ashludie course on 12th October 2021.

The RMMGC team of FINN COULL (Capt), ROSS BOYD, DANIEL WALKER And FRASER MCQUAT played well around the Monifieth Ashludie course but DOWNFIELD ran out the winners with a total of 302 points for the four scores. Carnoustie GC were runners up with 305 and Ballumbie third with 307.

The best individual score was a 64 by Finn Coull of Royal Montrose.

Angus Sixes League:  Click here to see 2021 Final Results

Junior’s ClubV1 Competition Results

2021 Season

2020 Season