Welcome to Royal Montrose Mercantile Golf Club

Founded on 1st January 1810 as the Montrose Golf Club and reputed to be the 9th oldest golf club in the world.

In 1845 Prince Albert bestowed Royal Patronage on the club and the name was changed to Montrose Royal Albert Golf Club, making it the third-oldest Royal Club in the world.


In 1986 the Montrose Royal Albert Golf Club merged with the Victoria Golf Club (founded in 1864) to form the Royal Montrose Golf Club. Click here for more info.


On 1st November 2019, the Royal Montrose Golf Club and the Montrose Mercantile Golf (founded in 1879) merged to form the Royal Montrose Mercantile Golf Club. The new club is based in the old Royal Montrose GC clubhouse.


The Montrose 1562 Medal course has enjoyed the honour of hosting several high-profile events over the last 150 years including the Scottish Professional’s Championship, the Scottish Amateur Championship, the British Boys Championship, and the Final Qualifying Competition for The Opens held at nearby Carnoustie in 1999 and 2007, and the Senior Open at Carnoustie in 2016. Click here for more info