Competition Archive – 2023

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Men’s Fixture List Season 2023 (05/01/23)

Ladies Fixture List – Season 2023


Men’s Competitions

A programme of Winter Eclectic events is run from November through March. Each event starts on a Saturday and finishes the following Thursday.

Regular Saturday Sweep competitions are run from November to March over the 1562 Medal Course at priority tee-times allocated to each Club by MONTROSE GOLF LINKS LTD.

The booking of club priority tee times on Saturdays is managed through a How-did-I-do booking sheet App. Members wishing to play in these competitions need to register with HDID and download the HDID App.


Club Champions Past and Present

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Victoria Golf Club Champions

Mercantile Golf Club Champions

Royal Montrose Golf Club Champions

Royal Montrose Mercantile Golf Club Champions: –

SeasonChampion Golfer
2023Ross Coull
2022Sean Logue
2021Ross Coull
2020Marc Simants

Club Fixture & Results Table – 2o23

Wednesday4th Seniors Stableford1562

1st Duncan McNaught 43 pts (stroke index taken from yellows)
2nd Rob Carnegie 41 pts (bih)
3rd Arthur Low 41 pts.

1st Richard Clifton 46 pts.
Saturday7thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK115622023-01-12 WE2/WK1 Gross Scores
2023-01-12 WE2/WK1 Nett Scores
Wednesday11thSeniors Four Ball Better Ball1562

1st. Arthur Low and John Cullen 54
2nd. Stewart Keir and Brian Ritchie 57

1st. Richard Clifton and Brian Manzi 60
Saturday14thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK21562
2023-01-19 WE2/WK2 Gross Scores
2023-01-19 WE2/WK2 Nett Scores
Wednesday18thSeniors Stableford1562

1st David Bridges 42 pts.
2nd Julian MacLean 41 pts.

Nobody finished on the Broomfield so no results there.
Saturday21stWinter Eclectic 2 - WK315622023-01-26 WE2/WK3 Gross Scores
2023-01-26 WE2/WK3 Nett Scores
Wednesday25thSeniors Greensomes1562

Alan Shepherd and Ian Cutler 56.1.
Stewart Keir and Garry Murray 62.4.
Ian Stuart and John Cullen 63.0.

Donnie Munro and David Petrie 64.
John Hillyear and Tony Williams 64.8.
Saturday28thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK415622023-02-02 WE2/WK4 Gross Scores
2023-02-02 WE2/WK4 Nett Scores
Wednesday1stSeniors Florida Scramble

A Low, E Anderson, S Moncur and R Wilkie 53.4
S Keir, G Annat, R Carnegie and A Vinten 54.2
G F Young, D Sutherland, I Stuart and G Mitchell 54.6

R Clifton 38 pts (bih)
D Munro 38 pts
Saturday4thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK515622023-02-09 WE2/WK5 Gross Scores
2023-02-09 WE2/WK5 Nett Scores
Wednesday8thSeniors Try-Score Pairs1562

1st Allan Shepherd and Peter Roberts 59 pts
2nd Brian Ritchie and Ian Cutler 57 pts
3rd Graham Bowman and Ray Wilkie 55pts (BIH)

1st Donnie Munro 39 pts.
Saturday11thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK615622023-02-16 WE2/WK6 Gross Scores
2023-02-16 WE2/WK6 Nett Scores
Wednesday15thSeniors Stableford1562

1st Allan Shepherd - 49 pts
2nd Joe Hume - 45 pts.
3rd George Mitchell - 44 pts.

1st Tony Williams
Saturday18thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK715622023-02-23 WE2/WK7 Gross Scores
2023-02-23 WE2/WK7 Nett Scores
Wednesday22ndSenior's Texas ScrambleBroomfield1st David Henderson, Allan Shepherd , Arthur Low 47
2nd K Rothnie, D McNaught, J Calder, E Anderson 49.2
3rd G J Young, D Bridges, M Elliott, J Benzie 49.8
Saturday25thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK815622023-03-02 WE2/WK8 Gross Scores
2023-03-02 WE2/WK8 Nett Scores
Wednesday1stGeorge Coull Trophy
Senior's Stableford

1st Niall McQuistan 41 pts (bih)
2nd Arthur Low 41 pts

Scratch: David B Mackay 77

1st Richard Clifton

Winners of the George Coull Trophy are Niall McQuistan and Richard Clifton.
Saturday4thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK915622023-03-09 WE2/WK9 Gross Scores
2023-03-09 WE2/WK9 Nett Scores
Tuesday7thLadies Opening Meeting - 2.30pm
For information only
Wednesday8thPeter McGuone Trophy - Seniors1562Postponed
Saturday11thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK1015622023-03-16 WE2/WK10 Gross Scores
2023-03-16 WE2/WK10 Nett Scores
Friday17thRMMGC Snrs v. Aboyne Snrs (SNOWBIRDS).1562RMMGC 3 Aboyne 5.
Overall result for 2023 Season: RMMGC 8-1/2 Aboyne 7-1/2.
18thWinter Eclectic 2 - WK1115622023-03-23 WE2-WK11 Gross Scores
2023-03-23 WE2-WK11 Nett Scores
Tuesday21stLadies Opening Match 1 - 2.30pm1562For information only
Thursday23rdClub Texas ScrambleBroomfield2023-03-23 Club Texas Scramble Draw
Saturday25thSeason Opener - Captain V's Vice Captain1562
2023-03-25 Capt v Vice Capt Info
Tuesday28thStableford Tankard1562
2023-03-28 Stableford Tankard (1562)
2023-03-28 Stableford Tankard (Bmf)
Wednesday29thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-03-29 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-03-29 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday30thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield
2023-03-31 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday1stTom Long Salver15622023-04-01 Tom Long Comp Results
Sunday2ndStableford1562For information only
Tuesday4thRoyal Aberdeen V's RMMGC Seniors Balgownie LinksRoyal Aberdeen 7, RMMGC 1.
4thSGW Medal (1) / Gold Bracelet R1

Northesk Trophy Stabledford R1

2023-04-04 SGW Medal (1) : Gold Bracelet R1 (1562)

2023-04-04 Northesk Trophy Stableford R1 (Bmf)
Wednesday5thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-04-05 White Tee Scores
2023-04-05 Yellow Tee Scores
Thursday6thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-04-06 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday8thMedal Day / Beaton Rosebowl15622023-04-08 Beaton Rosebowl Results
Sunday9thMGLL Open Texas Scramble1562For information only
Tuesday11thNorth Links Rosebowl Stableford

Stone Bracelet R1

2023-04-11 North Links Rosebowl Stableford (1562)

2023-04-11 Stone Bracelet R1 (Bmf)
Wednesday12thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-04-12 Wed White Tee Sweep Results
2023-04-12 Yellow White Tee Sweep Results
Thursday13thRMMGC Seniors V's AboyneAboyneAboyne 5, RMMGC 3,
Friday14thMGLL Pro-am1562For information only
Saturday15thSpring Shield15622023-04-15 Spring Shield Scores
Tuesday18thStableford Vase R1

Brown Trophy Stableford R1

2023-04-18 Stableford Vase Rd1 (1562)

2023-04-18 Brown Trophy Stableford R1 (Bmf)
Wednesday19thLeven V's RMMGC SeniorsLeven LinksLeven 5, RMMGC 3
Wednesday19thSweep - Yellow Tees15622023-04-19 Yellow Tee Sweep Results
Thursday20thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-04-20 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday22ndMiami / Lindsay Qualifier15622023-04-22 Miami/Lindsay Gross Results
2023-04-22 Miami Lindsay Nett Results
Sunday23rdRMMGC Open Spring Mixed Greensome15622023 Spring Mixed Greensomes Results.
Tuesday25thMGLL Event

Stone Bracelet R2

For information only

2023-04-25 Stone Bracelet R2 (Bmf)
Wednesday26thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-04-26 White Tee Sweep Results
2023-04-26 Yellow Tee Sweep Results
Thursday27thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-04-27 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday28thRMMGC Seniors V's Forfar1562RMMGC 4, Forfar 4
Saturday29thMontrose F.C Shield15622023-04-29 Montrose FC Shield Results
Saturday29thMGLL Spring Tournament1562For informationn only
Tuesday2ndDickson-Fletcher Stableford R1

Stableford Trophy R1

2023-05-02 Dickson-Fletcher R1
2023-05-02 Stableford Trophy R1 (Bmf)
Wednesday3rdRMMGC v's Kinross (Caley League)1562RMMGC 4, Kinross 2
Wednesday3rdSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-05-03 White Tee Results
2023-05-03 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday4thBallumbie V's RMMGC SeniorsBalumbieBallumbie 5-1/2, RMMGC 1/2
4thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-05-04 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday5thRMMGC Gents Senior Open15622023 Seniors Open Results
Saturday6thMay Day Cup1562Competition Abandoned
Monday8thRMMGC Ladies v. Edzell LadiesEdzell GC, 1.30 - 1.56pmRMMGC 3, Edzell 1.
Tuesday9thRMMGC Seniors V's Downfield1562RMMGC 4-1/2, Downfield 3-1/2
9thSGW Medal (2) / Golf Foundation Brooch

Golf Foundation Brooch

2023-05-09 SGW Medal 2:Golf Foundation Brooch

2023-05-09 Golf Foundation Brooch (Bmf)
Wednesday10thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-05-10 White Tee Results
Yellow Tee Comp Abandoned
Thursday11thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-05-11 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday12thCarnoustie V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayCarnoustie 4-1/2, RMMGC 1-1/2
Saturday13thMedal Day / Miller Cup15622023-05-13 Miller Cup Results
Sunday14thSt Andrews GC v. RMMGCNew & Jubilee courses at St AndrewsSt Andrews 8-1/2, RMMGC 3-1/2.
Tuesday16thCoronation Foursomes

Brown Trophy Stableford R2

Winners: Anne Reoch and Eileen Fullarton will go forward to the next round.
2023-05-16 Brown Trophy Stableford R2 (Bmf)
Wednesday17thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-05-17 White Tee Results
2023-05-17 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday18thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-05-18 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
18thRMMGC v's Pitreavie (Caley League)1562Pitreavie 5-1/2, RMMGC 1/2.
Saturday20thClub Championship RD 115622023-05-20 Club Champ Qual 1 Results
Sunday21stMGLL Gents Open1562For information only
Tuesday23rdKirriemuir V's RMMGC SeniorsKirriemuirKirriemuir 8, RMMGC 0.
23rdMGLL Event1562For information only
23rdGrant Medal R1 / Stone. Bracelet R3Broomfield2023-05-23 Grant R1 : Stone Bracelet R3 (Bmf)
Wednesday24thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-05-24 White Tee Results
2023-05-24 Yellow Tee Results
Thursday25thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-05-25 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday27thClub Championship RD 2 / May Day Cup15622023-05-27 CC2 / May Day Cup Results
Sunday28thBlairgowrie v. RMMGC (Interclub Match)BlairgowrieBlairgowrie 4, RMMGC 2
Monday29thRMMGC v's Kirriemuir (Caley League)1562RMMGC 3, Kirriemuir 3.
Tuesday30thSGW Medal (3) / Iola R1

Stableford Trophy R2

2023-05-30 SGW Medal (3):IOLA Trophy R1 (1562)

2023-05-30 Stableford Trophy R2 (Bmf)
Wednesday31stSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-05-31 White Tees Results
2023-05-31 Yellow Tees Results
Thursday1stRMMGC Seniors V's Leven1562RMMGC 5, Leven 3
1stAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-06-01 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday3rdIola Trophy15622023-06-03 Iola Trophy Results
Sunday4thW W Coull Mixed Foursomes
Broomfield1st Teresa Dye and Graham Hemsley,
R/Up: Andrene Stewart and Ian Balneaves
Monday5thPitreavie V's RMMGC SeniorsPitreaviePitreavie 5-1/2, RMMGC 1/2.
Tuesday6thDickson-Fletcher Stableford R2
Northesk Trophy Stableford R2

2023-06-06 Dickson-Fletcher R2 (1562)

2023-06-06 Northesk Trophy R2 (Bmf)
Wednesday7thSweep - Yellow Tees1562
2023-06-07 Yellow Tees Results
Thursday8thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-06-08 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday9thLadies Open Greensomes1562Competition Cancelled
Saturday10thGala Day1562 / Broomfield
2023 - Club Gala Day Results (RED)
Monday12thRMMGC Ladies v. Brechin1562 / Broomfield Match drawn
Tuesday13thBicentenary Trophy Foursomes1562 / BroomfieldWinners: -
1562 - Jenny McIntyre & Judy McKay 40 points

Broomfield - Christine MacGowan & Judy Mackay 33 points

Wednesday14thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-06-14 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-06-14 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday15thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-06-15 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday16thRMMGC Seniors V's Strathmore1562RMMGC 4-1/2, Strathmore 3-1/2
Saturday17thMechanics Cup (Gross) / RNLI Spoon (Nett)15622023-06-17 Mechanics RNLI Gross Scores
2023-06-17 Mechanics RNLI Nett Scores
Sunday18thBert Lebihan Trophy +55Broomfield2023-06-18 Bert Lebihan Trophy Nett Scores
18thMcDonald Ladies Texas ScrambleBroomfieldWinners: Lynn Coull, Doreen Leask, Teresa Dye and Jenny McIntyre. R/Up: Barbara Brown, Janice Harrison, Kitt Murray and Christine Rothnie
Monday19thAboyne V's RMMGC SeniorsAboyneAboyne 7, RMMGC 1
Tuesday20thSGW Medal (4):Grant R2
Brown-Trophy Stableford-R3
2023-06-20 SGW Medal (4):Grant R2 (1562)
2023-06-20 Brown Trophy Stableford R3 (Bmf)
Wednesday21stSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-06-21 White Tees Results
2023-06-21 Yellow Tees Results
Thursday22ndForfar v's RMMGC (Caley League)AwayForfar 2-1/2, RMMGC 3-1/2
22ndAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-06-22 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday24thProvost Johnston Trophy15622023-06-24 Provost Johnston Results
Sat / Sun24th & 25thRoyal Blackheath V. RMMGC
ElthamA win for Royal Blackheath
Sunday25thEdzell Medal (Best Scratch) 50+
Seniors Championship 50+
15622023-06-25 Edzell Medal Gross Scores
2023-06-25 Senior Championship Nett Scores
Monday26thBanchory V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayBanchory 7-1/2, RMMGC 1/2
Tuesday27thPalmerston Cup Stableford

Northesk Trophy Stableford R3

2023-06-27 Palmerston Cup (1562)

2023-06-27 Northesk Trophy R3 (Bmf)
Wednesday28thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-06-28 White Tee Sweep Results
2023-06-28 Yellow Tee Sweep Results
Thursday29thPitreavie v's RMMGC (Caley League)PitreavieRMMGC 4-1/2, Pitreavie 1-1/2
29thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-06-29 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday30thMGLL Ladies Open1562For Information
Saturday1stDunnet Medal15622023-07-01 Dunnett Medal Results
Sunday2ndRMMGC Gents 18 Hole Open15622023 Men's 18 Hole Open Scratch Results
2023 Men's 18 Hole Open Handicap Results
Tuesday4thSGW Medal (5) / Iola R2

Stone Bracelet R4 / Grant Medal R2

2023-07-04 SGW Medal (5):IOLA Trophy R2 (1562)

2023-07-04 Grant R2 : Stone Bracelet R4 (Bmf)
Wednesday5thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-07-05 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-07-05 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday6thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-07-06 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday7thRMMGC v's Forfar (Caley League)1562RMMGC 3-1/2, Forfar 2-1/2
7thRMMGC Ladies v. Forfar LadiesForfarMatch Drawn
Saturday8thMedal Day / Frank Robb Salver15622023-07-08 Frank Robb Results
Sunday9thFenton Coull Memorial Cup Mixed Am/AmBroomfieldThe winners of the Fenton Coull AmAm on Sunday 9th July were
Doreen Leask, Brian Leask, Lynn Coull & Graham Hemsley with a nett 134.
Tuesday11thViolet's Stableford R1

Brown Trophy Stableford R4

2023-07-11 Violets Stableford R1 (1562)

2023-07-11 Brown Trophy Stableford R4 (Bmf)
Wednesday12thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-07-12 White Tee Scores
2023-07-12 Yellow Tee Scores
Thursday13thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-07-13 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday15thJim Webster Memorial Shield15622023-07-15 Jim Webster Results
Tuesday18thRMMGC V's Royal Perth (12 man team)1562RMMGC 5 - Royal Perth 1
18thSGW Medal (6) / Iola R3

Stableford Trophy R3

2023-07-18 SGW Medal 6 / IOLA Trophy R3

2023-07-18 Broomfield Trophy
Wednesday19thLeven v's RMMGC (Caley League)Leven LinksLeven 2-1/2, RMMGC 3-1/2
Wednesday19thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-07-19 White Tee Scores
2023-07-19 Yellow Tee Scores
Thursday20thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-07-20 Ailsa Quaich Draft (Bmf)
Saturday22ndBrent C Trophy15622023-07-22 Brent C Trophy Scores
Monday24thForfar V's RMMGC SeniorsForfarForfar 4-1/2, RMMGC 3-1/2
Tuesday25thStableford Vase R2

Jean Johnstone Trophy Stableford

2023-07-25 Stableford Vase R2 (1562)

2023-07-25 Jean Johnston Trophy (Bmf)
Wednesday26thWhite Tee Sweep15622023-07-26 White Tee Scores
Thursday/Friday27th/28thHemsley 54 Hole Montrose Open1562For information only
Saturday29thEd Cobb / Ogilvie Punchbowl (Gross / Nett)15622023-07-29 Ed Cobb Trophy: Gross Scores
2023-07-29 Ogilvie Punchbowl Nett Scores
Tuesday1stSGW Medal (7)15622023-08-01 SGW Medal 7 (1562)
Wednesday2ndKirriemuir v's RMMGC (Caley League)AwayKirriemuir 6, RMMGC 0
Wednesday2ndSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-08-02 White Tee Sweep Scores
2023-08-02 Yellow Tee Sweep Scores
Thursday3rdAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-08-03 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday4thRMMGC Am-Am Team Competition15622023 Am:Am Results
Friday4thMGLL Senior Ladies OpenBroomfieldFor Information only
Saturday5thMGLL Golf in Scotland Open1562For Information only
Tuesday8thSGW Medal (8) / Iola R4

Northesk Trophy Stableford R4

2023-08-08 SGW (8) : IOLA R4 (1562)

2023-08-08 Stableford Trophy R4 (Bmf)
Wednesday9thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-08-09 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-08-09 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday10thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-08-10 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Thursday10thRMMGC Seniors V's Ballumbie1562Ballumbie 4, RMMGC 2
Friday11thRMMGC Ladies v. CaledoniaBroomfieldWin for Caledonia
Saturday12thMedal Day / Margaret Stewart Cup15622023-08-12 Margaret Stewart Cup Nett Scores
Saturday12thLiz West 2-Ball FoursomesBroomfieldTeresa Dye and Katherine Murray
Sunday13thRMMGC FINALS DAY1562Club Finals Day Results 2023
Tuesday15thRMMGC Seniors V's Kirriemuir1562RMMGC 4, Kirriemuir 4
Tuesday15thViolets Stableford R2
Stone Bracelet R5
2023-08-15 Violets Stableford R2 (1562)
2023-08-15 Stone Bracelet R5 (Bmf)
Wednesday16thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-08-16 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-08-16 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday17thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-08-17 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Friday18thRMMGC Seniors V's Banchory1562RMMGC 5, Banchory 3
Saturday19thGordon Trophy15622023-08-19 Gordon Trophy Nett Scores
Winner of Gordon Trophy - Peter Taylor
Saturday19thMGLL Links Qualifier1562For information only
Sunday20thMGLL Links Qualifier1562For information only
Monday21stKinross v's RMMGC (Caley League)AwayKinross 6, RMMGC 0
Tuesday22ndSGW Medal (9) / Iola R5
Brown Trophy Stableford R5
2023-08-22 SGW Medal (9) : Iola R5 incl. Alternate Day Scores
2023-08-22 Brown Trophy Stableford R5 incl. Alternate Scores
Wednesday23rdSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-08-23 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-08-23 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday24thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield
Friday25thAdana Day Open Charity Team Competition1562
Saturday26thLessells Medal15622023-08-26 Lessells Medal Nett Scores
Sunday27thLadybank V's RMMGC (12 man team)awayLadybank 2-1/2, RMMGC 3-1/2
Tuesday29thPatrick Dickson Medal Stableford

Northesk Trophy Stableford R5

2023-08-29 Patrick Dickson Medal incl. ALTD (1562)

2023-08-29 Northesk R5 incl ALTD (Bmf)
Wednesday30thRMMGC v's Leven (Caley League)1562RMMGC 3, Leven 3.
Wednesday30thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-08-30 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-08-30 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday31stRMMGC Seniors V's Carnoustie1562RMMGC 5, Carnoustie 1
Thursday31stAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-08-31 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday2ndBill Tulloch Trophy15622023-09-02 Bill Tulloch Nett Scores
Tuesday5thLadies Captains' PrizeBroomfieldSheena Stewart 46 pts
Wednesday6thLadies Putting CompetitionPutting GreenMary Faulkner 70
Wednesday6thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-09-06 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-09-06 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday7thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-09-07 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Thursday7thDownfield V's RMMGC SeniorsAwayDownfield 7, RMMGC 1
Friday8thPast Captains Trophy (Men)
1562 / BroomfieldAlex Stewart
Andrene Stewart
Saturday9thMedal Day / Taylor Trophy15622023-09-09 Taylor Trophy Nett Scores
Sunday10thMGLL Finals Day1562For information only
Tuesday12thViolets Stableford R3

Ladies Rosebowl Stableford

2023-09-12 Violets Stableford R3 Incl. Alt Scores (1562)

2023-09-12 Ladies Rosebowl Stableford (Bmf)
Wednesday13thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-09-13 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-09-13 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday14thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Competition Abandoned
14thIan Sharp Memorial Shield Texas ScrambleBroomfieldWinners: Mary Faulkner, Carol Lyon, Christine Rothnie & Louise Campbell
Friday15thRMM Ladies v. Carnoustie Caledonia Ladies1562Winners: RMM Ladies
Saturday16thCaptains Prize15622023-09-16 Captain's Prize Net Scores
Sunday17thRMMGC Open Mixed Greensomes1562Competition Cancelled
Tuesday19thDickson-Fletcher Stableford R3

Northesk Trophy Stableford R6

2023-09-19 Dickson-Fletcher R3 & Alt Scores (1562)

2023-09-19 Northesk Trophy R6 (Bmf)
Wednesday20thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
1562Competitions Abandoned
Thursday21stAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-09-21 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday23rdMillenium Trophy15622023-09-23 Millennium Trophy Nett Scores
Tuesday26thStableford Vase R3

Brown Trophy Stableford. R6

2023-09-26 Stableford Vase R3 & Alt Scores (1562)

2023-09-26 Brown Trophy R6 & Alt Scores (Bmf)
Tuesday26thStrathmore V's RMMGC SeniorsAway2023-09-26 Strathmore v RMMGC Draw
Wednesday27thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-09-27 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
2023-09-27 Yellow Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday28thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-09-28 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday30thGraham Paton Memorial Trophy15622023-09-30 Graham Paton Memorial Trophy Nett Scores
Tuesday3rdMedal Winners Playoff 10-11 am

Charity Stableford 12 - 2 pm

Wednesday4thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-10-04 White Tee Sweep Nett Scores
Yellow Tees - Abandoned
Thursday5thAilsa Quaich (9-hole)Broomfield2023-10-05 Ailsa Quaich (Bmf)
Saturday7thMedal Day / 150th Anniversary Cup1562Competition Abandoned - No entries
Tuesday10thCharlie Cameron Trophy Mixed 9.32 - 11 amBroomfield
Wednesday11thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
15622023-10-11 Yellow Tee Nett Scores
Saturday14thTom Coulter Cup15622023-10-14 Tom Coulter Cup Nett Scores
Wednesday18thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
1562Competition Abandoned
Saturday21stRangoon Cup1562Competition Abandoned
Sunday22nd**OGM (all Medal Day Winners)**15622023-11-05 Original Gold Medal
Wednesday25thSweep - White Tees
Sweep - Yellow Tees
1562Competition Abandoned
Saturday28thBicentenary Trophy1562Competition Abandoned
Saturday28thLadies Prizegiving / DinnerClubhouse
Saturday4thMen's Winter Eclectic Week1 - Sweep scores15622023-11-04 WE1/1 Sweep Nett Scores
Sunday5thOriginal Gold Medal15622023-11-05 Original Gold Medal
Thursday9thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 1
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-11-09 WE1/1 Nett Scores
2023-11-09 WE1/1 Gross Scores
Saturday11thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 2 - Sweep scores15622023-11-11 WE1/2 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday16thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 2
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
2023-11-16 WE1/2 Nett Scores

2023-11-16 WE1/2 Gross Scores
Friday17thRMMGC Prize Giving
Saturday 18thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 3 - Sweep Scores15622023-11-18 WE1/3 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday23rdMen's Winter Eclectic Week 3
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-11-23 WE1/3 Nett Scores
2023-11-23 WE1/3 Gross Scores
Saturday25thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 4 - Sweep Scores15622023-11-25 WE1/4 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday30thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 4
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-11-30 WE1/4 Nett Scores
2023-11-30 WE1/4 Gross Scores
Saturday2ndMen's Winter Eclectic Week 5 - Sweep Scores15622023-12-02 WE1/5 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday7thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 5
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-12-07 WE1/5 Nett Scores
2023-12-07 WE1/5 Gross Scores
Saturday9thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 6 - Sweep Scores15622023-12-09 WE1/6 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday14thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 6
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-12-14 WE1/6 Nett Scores
2023-12-14 WE1/6 Gross Scores
Saturday16thMen's Winter Eclectic Week 7 - Sweep Scores15622023-12-16 WE1/7 Sweep Nett Scores
Thursday21stMen's Winter Eclectic Week 7
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-12-20 WE1/7 Nett Scores
2023-12-20 WE1/7 Gross Scores
Saturday23rdChristmas Sweep
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-12-23 Christmas Sweep Nett Scores
2023-12-23 Christmas Sweep Gross Scores
Saturday30thNew Year Sweep
Nett Scores
Gross Scores
15622023-12-30 New Year Sweep Nett Scores
2023-12-30 New Year Sweep Gross Scores

Senior’s Competitions



Senior’s Activity Blog at 28th September 2023


Winter Golf

An event is held every Wednesday morning through the winter from November to March (tee times are reserved from 9.16 to 10.28).  The format changes each week, (see Winter Programme above). On most Wednesdays, play will be on both the 1562 and Broomfield courses. Occasionally the event is only held on the Broomfield course when the Medal course is unavailable.

Junior Competitions

One of the major legacies of the former Royal Montrose Golf Club’s Bicentenary Year celebrations was the establishment of a thriving Junior Golf Section, which in its formative year was the runner-up in the ClubGolf (Dunfermline Building Society) Junior Club of the Year competition.

Currently, over fifty young persons between the ages of 4 and 18 years learn and compete in various age groups using the Putting Green, 9-hole Pitch and Putt course, Broomfield and Medal courses, together with professional-led coaching sessions.

Royal Montrose Mercantile Golf Club is the only ‘ClubGolf’ registered club in Montrose, and this provides an approved programme of training by appropriately trained Club Members and the Montrose Links professional staff.

More information is available from Junior Convener, Alan Crow.

Junior Email Blog 05/10/2023

Junior Syllabus Season 2022/23

Ladies Competitions

Royal Montrose Mercantile Ladies play a large number of events throughout the year, including a number of inter-club matches on a home or away basis.

The main Ladies day is a Tuesday when competitions are run on the 1562 and Broomfield Courses. For ladies who are unable to play on a Tuesday, due to work or family commitments, an Alternate-Day, Sunday, on the 1562.

Fun team competitions are also played on the Broomfield Course throughout the summer season.

From November to March ladies have the opportunity to play a 9 hole Stableford Competition on the Broomfield and a 13 hole Stableford on the 1562 course, which can be played on any day of the week.

When restrictions are lifted we hope to run an extensive programme of social events through the winter season.

2022 Combined Prize List

Season 2023 – Ladies Match & Competition List



Past Royal Montrose Ladies Club Champions

Past Mercantile Lady Club Champions

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